"Evander" Wood rim steering wheel 15 inches

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Go anywhere in comfort with the Evander Wood Rim 15" Steering Wheel - a classic styled Beech wood wheel with solid rivets and polished to a good old fashioned car finish as you would expect the timeless design enhances and Landy interior.


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393,42 €

  • 36 spline boss kit Silver S
  • 48 spline boss kit Silver S

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Spare part - Technical sheet

COMPATIBILITYDefender 110, Defender 110-2.5L D / TD-1983-1989, Defender 110-200 Tdi-1990-1994, Defender 110-3,5L V8 Carb-1983-1992, Defender 110-3,5L V8 EFI, Defender 110-300 Tdi-1995-1998, Defender 110-TD4 Ford-2007-2016, Defender 110-TD5-1999-2006, Defender 130, Defender 130-2.5L D / TD-1983-1989, Defender 130-200 Tdi-1990-1994, Defender 130-3,5L V8 Carb-1985-1992, Defender 130-3,5L V8 EFI, Defender 130-300 Tdi-1995-1998, Defender 130-TD4 Ford-2007 - 2016, Defender 130-TD5-1999-2006, Defender 90, Defender 90- 2.5L D / TD-1983-1989, Defender 90-200 Tdi-1990-1994, Defender 90-3,5L V8 EFI, Defender 90-3.5L V8 Carb-1983-1992, Defender 90-300 Tdi-1995-1998, Defender 90-TD4 Ford-2007-2016, Defender 90-TD5-1999-2006

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