Procomp ES9000 front shock absorber


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Ultra-duty nitrogen gas charged, employing the velocity sensitive valving. Provides high performance ride and handling, especially useful where towing and load carrying is involved, and proven in off-road competition worldwide. The product of choice for Land Rover models, and widely used in comp-safari competitions. The largest range of sizes that we offer, from +5cm lift up to +10cm lift!
(BR0645XL + BA9000)

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ModèlesDefender 110, Defender 110-2.5L D / TD-1983-1989, Defender 110-200 Tdi-1990-1994, Defender 110-300 Tdi-1995-1998, Defender 110-TD5-1999-2006, Defender 110-TD4 Ford-2007-2016, Defender 110-3,5L V8 Carb-1983-1992, Defender 110-3,5L V8 EFI, Defender 130, Defender 130-2.5L D / TD-1983-1989, Defender 130-200 Tdi-1990-1994, Defender 130-300 Tdi-1995-1998, Defender 130-TD5-1999-2006, Defender 130-TD4 Ford-2007 - 2016, Defender 130-3,5L V8 Carb-1985-1992, Defender 130-3,5L V8 EFI, Defender 90, Defender 90- 2.5L D / TD-1983-1989, Defender 90-200 Tdi-1990-1994, Defender 90-300 Tdi-1995-1998, Defender 90-TD5-1999-2006, Defender 90-TD4 Ford-2007-2016, Defender 90-3,5L V8 EFI, Discovery 1, Discovery I-200 Tdi-1989-1994, Discovery I-300 Tdi-1995-1998, Discovery I-V8-1989-1994, Range Rover Classic, Range Rover classic 2,4L VM - 1986 - 1989, Range Rover classic 2,5L VM - 1989 - 1992, Range Rover classic 3,5L V8 Carb – 1970 – 1985, Range Rover classic 3,5L V8 EFI - 1985 - 1989, Range Rover classic 3.9L V8 EFI - 1989 - 1995, Range Rover classic 200 Tdi - 1993 -1994, Range Rover classic 300 Tdi 4cyl – 1994, Defender 90-3.5L V8 Carb-1983-1992